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Sol Brandesign was founded on the vision of promoting sustainable environmental and societal change. We have a deep respect for the environment and are equally passionate about smart design and strategic marketing that helps you reach your target audience.

Sol Brandesign develops the look, voice and personality of companies that genuinely share our vision, into strong memorable brands. Let us help you make your brand shine in the best way possible.

We’re easy on your bottom line, too! Your company may not have the deep pockets the big brands do. But your brand deserves the right positioning and optimum visibility. Our focus is to increase brand acceptance and heighten the emotional connection customers have to your brand.

  • branding + Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design + SEO
  • Packaging + Advertising Design
  • Creative Direction

OUR big cheese

real, down-to-earth, all-around great guy to work with
Abel Villacorta
Abel propels the growth of start-ups + early-stage companies through strong design, branding strategy + effective marketing. Using aikido in business, he first understands a company’s competitive strengths + vulnerabilities and forms them into a compelling, grounded, defendable brand position.